FAA Certified Repair Station

The U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, has issued an air agency certificate to ENS Technology which qualifies us as an FAA Certified Repair Station. We are rated as a “limited specialized service,” providing plating and finishing services exclusively for military/defense components. Components we regularly plate and repair include:

  • Turbine rotor clamps
  • Bearings separators
  • Landing gear components
  • Tie struts
  • Rear carriers
  • Torque converter housings
  • Compressor wheels
  • Turbine wind sleeve spacers
  • Front bearing supports
  • All associated miscellaneous hardware

Our operation specifications include all primary plating processes, including gold, silver, electroless nickel, copper and passivation, to name a few.

All repair work performed by ENS is limited to electrolytic and autocatalytic metallization of aviation components, and takes place at our Santa Clara, California, facility. This repair station employs no personnel that is qualified to perform a Required Inspection Item (RII); thus, these repair station personnel are not trained, qualified, or authorized to “return to service” any flight hardware.

ENS Technology is proud to be an FAA Certified Repair Station. Contact us today for your plating and repair needs.