Platings & Coatings for AMS Specifications

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) maintains all AMS specs (Aerospace Materials Specifications). As with mil-spec and ASTM specifications, AMS specifications benefit manufacturers and end-users by guaranteeing the compatibility of materials and ensuring that manufacturing processes meet or exceed required standards. This results in end products that are ideally suited for the environments and working conditions for which they were designed.

ENS’ AMS Spec Platings & Coatings

ENS Technology provides electrolytic and autocatalytic platings and surface coatings that meet a wide range of AMS specs. Our AMS platings and coatings are the perfect solutions for aviation and aerospace metal finishing, among other high-performance applications.

Grouped by plating or coating material, AMS specs ENS Technology adheres to include, but are not limited to:

Electroless Nickel Plating

  • AMS 2404 (for service up to 1,000°F/540°C)
  • AMS 2405 (low phosphorous)
  • AMS C 26074 (for  metal and composite substrates)

Gold Plating

  • AMS 2422 (electrodeposited gold)

Silver Plating

  • AMS 2410 (electrodeposited silver, nickel strike, high bake)
  • AMS 2411 (for high-temperature applications)
  • AMS 2412 (copper strike, low bake)
  • AMS 2451/8 (brush plating, general-purpose, non-cyanide silver)
  • AMS 2451/13 (brush plating, electrodeposition)
  • AMS QQ S 365 (contact bushing, electrical connector contact, wire barrel)

Copper Plating

  • AMS 2418 (electrodeposited copper)

Nickel Plating

  • AMS 2403 (general purpose)
  • AMS 2423 (hard nickel)
  • AMS 2424 (low-stressed nickel)
  • AMS QQ N 290 (electrodeposited nickel)

Contact Us for Platings/Coatings to Meet Your AMS Specs

If your project requires platings and coatings that meet AMS specs, turn to ENS Technology. Request a quote on AMS finishing, or contact us to learn more.