Specialty Plating Services

Rare specialty and exotic metals display exclusive characteristics that are not seen in more common metals. Specialty plating is used for specialized applications that require the rare features that only exotic metals can offer. Some of the more common types of exotic metal varieties are known as refractory metals and they include molybdenum, tungsten, niobium, titanium, rhenium and more.

Plating exotic metals such as refractory metals can be challenging due to the way the metals react to other elements. However, ENS Technology maintains the quality processes and capabilities that allow for elite exotic metal plating. With numerous benefits, our direct diffusion/hydrogen firing method provides specialty plating for a wide range of applications.

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Plating on Plastics

Plastic plating is commonly used in many industries for purposes such as corrosion and wear protection, increasing surface hardness, promoting electrical conductivity, or for improving the appearance of a part or component. Since plastics are not electrically conductive and do not promote very good adhesion, plating metal onto plastics can be a challenging undertaking. However, with ENS Technology’s precisely formulated plating on plastic processes, we can provide plastic substrate metal plating with exceptional adhesion and RF performance. Some of the types of plastic material that can be used for plating on plastic applications include:

  • Torlon®, PAI
  • PEEK™
  • SLA resin
  • ABS
  • Teflon®, PTFE, PFA
  • And more

Diffusion/Hydrogen Firing

Certain metals and alloys are not capable of being directly plated. Instead, they first must be treated through a diffusion/hydrogen firing process. Once completed, this process allows the metal that was previously non-receptive to plating to be plated. The specialty plating materials that benefit from diffusion/hydrogen firing, include:

Exotic Metal Plating

There is a wide range of rare exotic metals that provide benefits that more common metals do not exhibit. Historically, exotic metals have been more difficult to plate than standard metals. However, ENS Technologies has developed proprietary processes that allow for the electrodeposition of almost any exotic metal. Some of the materials that benefit from exotic metal plating include:

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