Commercial Plating

Commercial electroplating is a process that is principally used to transform the surface properties of an object, such as electroplated parts. Commercial metal plating provides increased wear and abrasion resistance, lubricity, corrosion protection, and better aesthetic qualities. Commercial metal plating can also be used to build up thickness levels of undersized electroplated parts.

Commercial Electroplating Provides Innovative Solutions

There are a wide range of electroplating advantages when it comes to commercial electroplating services. Commercial metal plating can address the needs of your large quantity electroplated parts needs. The numerous other electroplating advantages that are associated with commercial metal plating, include:

  • Forms a Protective Barrier - Electroplated parts can last longer and need to be replaced less frequently and are more likely to hold up under extreme conditions.
  • Reduces Friction – Commercial metal plating improves performance and reduces premature wear and tear.
  • Enhances Appearance – This process provides manufacturers a way to make metal more aesthetically appealing, at value-driven prices.
  • Resists Heat – Commercial electroplating can protect engine parts and components from damage caused by extreme temperatures, which can increase their lifespan.
  • Increases Hardness – Electroplated parts are less susceptible to damage when struck or dropped, which can increase their lifespan.
  • Conducts Electricity – Commercial metal plating provides a cost-effective and efficient conductivity solution.
  • Increases Thickness – Commercial electroplating improves overall quality and increases the longevity of the substrate.

Types of Commercial Electroplating Materials & Finishes to Boost your Products Potential

Commercial metal plating is a process that adds a coating of a specific type of metal to a metal or plastic product. Nearly all types of metals and certain plastics can benefit from the value of commercial electroplating. Furthermore, electroplating is very similar to electrolysis (using electricity to split up a chemical solution), which is the reverse of the process by which batteries produce electric currents. The types of metal plating and finishes that ENS offers, include:

Commercial Metal Plating Provides Value Added Services

The value-added services that ENS provides in relation to the creation of electroplated parts provides a way to complete the entire commercial metal plating process quickly and effectively. The value-added services that ENS provides includes the following:

Commercial Electroplating Analytical Lab Services

We maintain a fully equipped, on-site analytical laboratory that provides plating bath chemistries, wastewater protocols, and the technical monitoring of our dedicated R&D plating line. Additionally, our strict supervision and recordkeeping ensure a controlled baseline in pre- and post-process fluids management.

FAA Certified Repair Station for Electroplated Parts

As a fully certified FAA repair station, ENS has been issued an air agency certificate by the FAA, which provides us with a “limited specialized service” rating. This means that ENS can provide plating and finishing services for military/defense components.

Industry Specifications for Advanced Commercial Electroplating

ASTM and AMS certifications provide reliance and the peace of mind of knowing that our services are backed by trusted certifications. ASTM and AMS specifications benefit us all by ensuring the compatibility of materials and guaranteeing that manufacturing processes meet certain standards so that the product will be suitable for the environment for which it was designed.

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