Invar® Plating

The name “Invar” can be used to describe any of a family of nickel-iron alloys. Invar, in all variations, is a highly durable material that offers exceptional thermal stability. The material is commonly used in radio/electronics, optical and laser, aerospace, and other engineered applications. Because of its high nickel content, however, it is very difficult to deposit metal platings onto Invar surfaces, and few plating shops are capable of processing Invar.

ENS Technology can effectively plate Invar and deliver top quality results the first time. One Time. First Time. Right Way.

Plating Invar begins with a number of pre-plating processes that leave little room for error, including extensive cleaning in a carefully controlled environment. We employ proprietary methods that we have developed through years of research and development used on a variety of Invar alloys.

After cleaning and preparation of the workpiece(s), we deposit a Woods nickel strike using proven techniques that result in superior adhesion between the plating and the Invar surface. This nickel plating makes it possible to deposit additional metal platings, as needed, with equally high bonding values.

We can also strip existing metal plating from Invar surfaces and apply new plating. If you find it necessary to re-work any Inconel project, call ENS.

If your application requires metal-plated Invar, look no further than ENS Technology. Contact us today to learn more or to start your project.