Silver Plated Chassis

Silver Plated Chassis














Matte Silver Plated Chassis

Matte Silver Plated Chassis

Electro-Deposited Silver Plating

ENS Technology is the proven expert in electro silver plating. We provide a range of silver plating services, including matte (Type 1), semi-bright (Type 2), and bright (Type 3) silver deposits. Purities range from 99.99% for matte silver plating to 99.0% for bright silver. Silver plating can be applied in thicknesses up to 0.040” to meet customer specifications.

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Advantages of Electro Silver Plating

  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Improved solderability
  • Improved wear resistance

Upon request, ENS can further improve the tarnish resistance of your electro silver platings by adding Tarniban™, a supplementary anti-tarnish treatment, to our plating processes.

Applications for Electro Silver Plating

Electro-deposited silver platings are commonly applied to:

  • RF devices
  • Electronic equipment
  • Satellite components
  • Telecommunications devices
  • Military & defense equipment
  • and more.
  • Silver platings are also popular for aesthetic applications

Electro Silver Plating Standards

Our silver platings meet the following standards: 

We continually monitor and regularly test our silver plating chemical baths to maintain that the ideal chemistry.

ENS Technology keeps full documentation of all electro silver plating, heat treating, and finishing processes. This documentation helps us maintain our own high standards of quality, and is key to creating the ideal platings for our customers’ needs.

Post Plating Processes

Post-plating, all coated products are heat-treated for adhesion verification. Additional heat-treating processes are available for embrittlement relief of steel parts with Rockwell hardness levels of C40 and above.

Substrates for Electro Silver Plating

ENS can apply electrodeposited silver plating to a broad range of substrate materials, including:

We can also apply electrodeposited silver over a variety of underplatings, typically copper or nickel. Nickel underplating can be electroless or electrolytic; electrolytic nickel can be bright or dull, depending on final finish requirements. 

The Electro Silver Plating Experts

From adding silver plating to cold-rolled steel to plating on beryllium to engineered plastics, ENS provides some of the industry's highest quality, highest purity electro-deposited silver platings. Request a quote or contact us to get started on your project.