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Electrodeposited Gold Plating

ENS Technology is your #1 source for electro gold plating. We provide complete electrodeposited gold plating services using Type 3 (99.9% pure) gold plating. We pride ourselves on carefully maintaining our chemistry for absolute purity—chemical baths are constantly filtered to remove drag-in residue and other contaminants and are analyzed multiple times per day to ensure proper chemistry.

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The Electro Gold Plating Experts

ENS provides gold platings at Grade A, B, or C Knoop scale hardness, as your parts require. Using advanced gold plating technology, we can apply platings in thicknesses from Class 00 (20 one-millionths of an inch) to 0.0015”, to meet your unique specifications. Plating thicknesses are verified by in-house x-ray fluorescence testing.

We utilize a range of tooling and racking for our gold plating processes, including barrel plating for small components.

Substrates for Electro Gold Plating

Electrodeposited gold can be used as a finish for numerous metals and alloys, including aluminum and stainless steel. It can also be added over a variety of underplatings, including copper, nickel, and silver plating.

Advantages of Electrodeposited Gold

  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Improved solderability
  • Improved electrical conductivity

Applications for Electro Gold Plating

Electrodeposited gold plating is applied to a wide range of products. Some of the more common applications include: 

  • RF housings
  • Ferrules for fiber optics
  • Parts & components for electronic and scientific devices

ENS also provides reflective gold plating (with 4-8 Ra surface finish) for the optical industry.

Electro Gold Plating Standards

Our gold platings meet the following standards: 

We perform periodic testing to these standards, and send out samples monthly for independent verification of tank purity and hardness of deposit; records of these tests are available for all customers to examine.

ENS Technology keeps full documentation of all our electrodeposited gold plating, heat treating, and other aspects of the finishing process. This documentation helps us maintain our own high standards of quality, and is key to creating ideal platings for our customers' needs.

Post-Plate Heat Treating

Post-plating, all coated products are heat-treated in-house to complete the plating process. Heat treating is one of the best mechanisms for quality control of a gold-plated deposit. Temperatures and times are carefully adjusted based on the substrate material.

Your #1 Source for Electro Gold Plating

With proven processes, state-of-the-art gold plating technology, and high purity materials, ENS Technology is your number one source for electrodeposited gold platings. Request a quote or contact us to get started today.