Electroplating Value-Added Services

Value-added metal processing services provide the extra steps that are essential to successfully completing any type of electroplating job. Certain projects require the use of secondary electroplating services to complete them to the proper specifications. This can be accomplished as an initial service or as a secondary service after the completion of the initial electroplating or chemical film deposition process. Whether it is an analytical lab, surface preparation, parts cleaning, testing, passivation, electrodeposition analysis or repairs, electroplating value-added services can provide the benefits your project requires.

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Advanced Analytical Lab & Metal Processing Services

ENS Technology maintains Northern California’s only fully equipped, on-site analytical laboratory. We can provide a wide range of analytical lab finishing services. Our advanced plating bath chemistries provide improved electroless nickel analysis for top quality electroless finishes. To uphold a proper plating bath within an electrodeposition analysis, ENS implements several quality control solutions for the following standards:

  • Stabilizers
  • Chemical balance
  • Nickel controls
  • Contamination
  • Operating temperature
  • Equipment
  • Adhesion
  • Performance testing solutions
  • And more

ENS Technology’s analytical metal processing services provide the assurance that your electroless nickel coatings will meet or exceed your project requirements.

FAA Certified Repair Station for Premium Electroplating Finishing Services

As an FAA certified repair station, ENS can perform “limited specialized services” plating and finishing services for military and defense components. All repair work performed by ENS is limited to electrolytic and autocatalytic metallization of aviation components and takes place at our Santa Clara, California, facility. This repair station employs no personnel that is qualified to perform a Required Inspection Item (RII); thus, these repair station personnel are not trained, qualified, or authorized to “return to service” any flight hardware. Our operation specifications include all primary plating processes, including goldsilverelectroless nickelcopper and passivation and more. Some of the components we regularly service, include:

  • Rear carriers
  • Torque converter housings
  • Compressor wheels
  • Turbine wind sleeve spacers
  • Front bearing supports
  • Turbine rotor clamps
  • Bearings separators
  • Landing gear components
  • Tie struts
  • And more

Additional Electroplating Value Added Services

As an added benefit ENS also offers the following metal processing services to add value to every aspect of your project. Some of the additional electroplating finishing services we offer, include:

  • Immersion washing
  • Surface preparation
  • Parts cleaning
  • Passivation
  • Testing
  • Process development
  • Consulting
  • And more

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