Exotic Metal Plating

ENS Technology offers exotic metal plating services using a wide range of non-iron based alloys and materials. Through experience and testing, we have developed proprietary processes that allow for the electrodeposition of numerous types of specialty metals.

Electrophoretic Deposition Exotic Metal Types

We use electrodeposition to plate a wide variety of exotic metals. Our exotic metal plating capabilities include:

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What is Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD)?

Electrophoretic deposition (EPD), is a blanket term for a range of engineering processes which includes:

  • Electrocoating
  • Cathodic Electrodeposition
  • Anodic Electrodeposition
  • Electrophoretic Coating
  • Electrophoretic Painting

A distinguishing feature of conductive surface plating is that colloidal particles adjourned in a liquid medium migrate under the influence of an electric field (electrophoresis) and are deposited onto an electrode. All colloidal particles that can be used to form stable suspensions and that can carry a charge can be used in electrophoretic deposition. This includes materials such as dyes, ceramics, polymers, pigments and metals. This process uses an anode and cathode polarized electrodes for current transfer.

Electrodeposition is a beneficial process for applying exotic metals to any electrically conductive surface. The exotic materials which are being deposited are the major influential factor in the processing conditions and equipment that are used throughout the application.

Exotic Metal Conductive Surface Plating Uses & Benefits

The electrophoretic deposition process is industrially used for applying exotic metal coatings to metal fabricated products. It has been widely used to coat automobile bodies and parts, tractors and heavy equipment, electrical switch gear, appliances, metal furniture, beverage containers, fasteners, and many other industrial products. Some of the benefits of exotic metal electrodeposition, include:

  • Complex fabricated objects can easily be coated, inside and out
  • Automated process
  • Easy control of the coating composition
  • High purity
  • Applies coatings without porosity
  • Lower overall costs in relation to other processes
  • High speed of coating
  • Friendlier to the environment than other processes

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