Aviation Plating

In addition to regularly prescribed maintenance, every aircraft engine requires complete overhauls at periodic intervals. In the overhaul process, aviation engines are broken down into their base components, which are analyzed for their integrity and suitability for continued use. Parts are replaced as needed, and any parts which received specialized platings or coatings are retreated as necessary.

ENS Technology specializes in aviation plating and coating. We treat new parts to improve their performance and can retreat worn components to restore them to proper OEM dimensions and tolerances.

Benefits of Aviation Plating Processes

With our expertise in aviation metallurgy, we provide the highest quality aircraft platings and coatings, with perfect uniformity and consistency across the entire surface of the treated part. Our aviation platings and coatings can provide a variety of performance benefits and extend your parts’ working life. Every plating/coating is different, but in general, our aviation plating processes provide:

  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Improved electrical conductivity
  • Improved lubricity
  • Greater hardness
  • Increased strength
  • and other benefits

Diverse Aircraft Plating & Coating Services

ENS Technology is a single, fixed-location, FAA Certified Repair Station for aviation parts and components. We can provide coatings to meet AMS, ASTM, and other industrial and international specifications, and proudly serve the US military and US-allied armed forces with a wide range of mil-spec approved coatings, including MIL-C-26074 E electroless nickel plating.

Our operation specifications include all primary plating processes, including:

The Right Aviation Plating for Your Application

With extensive knowledge of aviation metallurgy and more than four decades of plating and coating experience, ENS can provide the right aircraft plating for nearly any application. In our many years serving this industry, we have treated a wide range of aviation parts and components, including:

  • Bearing separators
  • Compressor wheels
  • Front bearing supports
  • Landing gear components
  • Rear carriers
  • Tie struts
  • Torque converter housings
  • Turbine rotor clamps
  • Turbine wind sleeve spaces
  • All associated hardware
  • and more

The Experts in Aviation Plating

ENS Technology provides full-service aviation plating and coating services that meet a range of mil-spec requirements, as well as various industry specifications. All plating and coating processes are performed to spec.

We are your leading resource for top quality, mil-spec compliant aviation plating, and coating. Request a quote to get started on your project or contact us for more information.