Diffusion Firing/Hydrogen Firing

Metals and alloys that otherwise could not be plated can be diffusion fired, hydrogen fired, or sinter fired to make them receptive to metal plating. ENS Technology provides diffusion firing services for the following specialty materials:

  • Molybdenum
  • Kovar® (optional)
  • Thermkon® (Copper Tungsten)

ENS Technology's diffusion, hydrogen, and sinter firing processes begin with the workpiece being placed on quartz or molybdenum trays, which are then placed onto the furnace hearth. Our cold-wall bell jar furnace descends to lock the workpiece into the furnace chamber. Heating elements raise the workpiece to temperatures of 750° to 900°C, depending on its mass and material of construction.

When the temperature reaches the appropriate level, the substrate material will absorb the deposited metal into its surface. Process temperatures are held for 15 to 45 minutes to facilitate the diffusion of the plated metal and the target workpiece.

After firing, the workpiece will have a thin, pure-metal coating on the surface. This allows these exotic metals to be plated as desired, usually with silver or gold. Upon removal from the furnace, the workpiece is immediately placed in the subsequent plating bath to avoid the development of new oxides.

Some applications require multiple diffusion firings, commonly referred to as following a “strike-fire/, strike-fire” pattern. This pattern can be repeated as needed in order to get the coverage needed to improve the adhesion. ENS can meet your application requirements for multiple firings.

We are your leading resource for diffusion firing for metal plating. Contact ENS Technology today to learn more or to start your project.