Aerospace Metal Plating & Coating

In the aerospace industry, every part in every system in every machine must meet incredibly stringent standards. Even the slightest deviation from spec can lead to equipment failure or worse. To ensure operational safety and optimum performance of critical parts and components, ENS Technology provides high precision, high-performance aerospace metal finishing services.

Benefits of Aerospace Metal Finishing

ENS delivers high quality electrolytic and autocatalytic aerospace platings and coatings with perfect uniformity and consistency across the entire part surface. These platings and coatings provide numerous performance benefits and will extend the working life of treated parts. Properties vary depending on the plating/coating material and the process used, but in general, our aerospace metal finishing treatments provide:

  • Enhanced resistance to corrosion, including atmospheric corrosion
  • Enhanced oxidation resistance
  • Improved strength
  • Improved solderability
  • Better electrical conductivity
  • Increased high-temperature resistance
  • and other advantages

Precision Aerospace Metal Plating & Coating Services

With plating expertise developed over four-plus decades, we have provided precision coatings and platings for a wide range of aerospace manufacturing applications, including:

  • Parts and components for the International Space Station
  • Components for NASA space shuttles
  • Satellite and RF array components
  • Radar system components
  • Optical devices
  • Guidance systems
  • Communications, instrumentation, and control equipment
  • Landing gear assemblies
  • Electrical hardware
  • Military craft such as UAVs
  • and other mission-critical aerospace applications.

Diverse Aerospace Metal Plating & Coating Capabilities

ENS provides a broad range of plating processes for aerospace applications. Our aerospace metal finishing processes include:

We can provide selective plating and other specialized processes to give you aerospace industry coatings that meet your unique application and performance requirements.

ENS can provide aerospace metal platings and coatings that meet applicable military and industrial standards, including ASTM and ASM specifications.

The Experts in Aerospace Metal Finishing

Our experience and expertise allow us to provide strategies and recommendations for even the most complex aerospace metal plating or coating project. We will work with you, as needed, to develop a coating solution that delivers the performance, durability, and quality your aerospace industry application requires.

For the best in aerospace plating and coating services, turn to ENS Technology. Request a quote to get started on your project or contact us for more information.