Copper Plating

ENS Technology offers a range of copper plating options, each uniquely suited to different substrate materials. Electroless copper platings are commonly added to parts and components manufactured from engineered plastics or select metal alloys. Acid copper platings are used with steel, stainless steel, Invar, Kovar, and similar metals. Copper pyrophosphate platings are used in electroforming—ENS has the capabilities to electroform in excess of 0.060” while maintaining a fine grain structure.

Copper plating provides excellent electrical conductivity and ductility. It is ideal for electronic and microelectronic applications. Copper platings are commonly applied to aluminum and engineered plastic substrates.

No Nickel Applications

If your application requires NO NICKEL, our copper plating services are the perfect solution. Cyanide copper strikes are often used on aluminum parts that specify copper and silver only (NO NICKEL).

Applications for Copper Plating

Many of our customers require diffused copper platings for use in vacuum applications. We put our copper platings through multiple diffusion firings in an inert atmosphere to sinter the copper to the substrate material. Following this diffusion, our copper platings will not release in vacuum.

Additionally, copper is commonly used as an underplating for silver, gold, and other metal plating processes. Copper strikes frequently specified to ensure all cavities in complex or intricately-shaped parts are plated evenly and thoroughly. They are frequently followed by additional copper plating and/or final silver plating.

Copper Plating Industry Standards

Our copper platings meet MIL-C-14550B, AMS-C-14550, ASTM B734, and AMS 2418 standards. Constant monitoring and frequent testing of our copper plating chemistries help us maintain optimum quality.

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