MIL-T-10727C Electroplated Tin

ENS Technology offers advanced tin plating services. We provide electrolytic tin plating to meet a variety of coating specifications. These include:

  • MIL-T-10727C
  • ASTM B545
  • AMS 2408
  • and other industrial and international standards

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Electrolytic Tin Plating

With our advanced tin plating processes, we can provide uniform coatings across the entire surface of your parts, no matter how simple or complex the shape. Electrolytic tin plating provides a low contact-resistance surface, protects against corrosion, facilitates soldering, and provides antigalling properties. It is also used as a “stop off” coating when nitriding high strength steels.

ENS can add electrolytic tin plating to a wide variety of base materials, including:

  • Mild steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Hardened & tool steels
  • Copper & copper alloys
  • Tellurium
  • Beryllium
  • Brass
  • Nickel-silver
  • Aluminum & aluminum alloys
  • Inconel®
  • Kovar
  • Monel
  • Hastalloy
  • and other exotic metals

Classes of Military Grade Tin Plating

There are five (5) different classes of electrolytic tin plating. The class designation refers to the thickness of the coating itself. Based on the class, MIL-T-10727C tin coatings are utilized in a variety of applications beyond military uses.

  • Class A Military Grade Tin Plating: Class A tin coatings are 2.5 µm thick, and are used for “everyday” applications in mild service conditions. These platings provide corrosion and tarnish resistance; non-soldered coatings function as low-resistance electrical contact surfaces.
  • Class B Military Grade Tin Plating: Class B tin coatings are 5 µm thick, and are utilized in moderate exposure conditions, usually indoors. Common applications include electrical hardware such as coil and relay cases, screened cages, chassis, and frames.’
  • Class C Military Grade Tin Plating: Class C tin coatings are 8 µm thick, or 10 µm for steel substrates. This class of electrolytic tin plating is used in severe exposure conditions, including elevated temperatures where underlying metal diffusion and intermetallic formation processes may be accelerated.
  • Class D Military Grade Tin Plating: Class D tin coatings are 15 µm thick; 20 µm for steel substrates. These coatings are used in very severe conditions, such as continuous dampness or corrosive industrial environments and certain electronic applications. Class D tin plating provides protection against abrasion and corrosive liquids and atmospheres.
  • Class E Military Grade Tin Plating: Class E tin coatings are 30 µm thick or more. These thicker coatings are commonly applied to water containers, threaded steel couplings for oil drill strings, and in seacoast environments.

Chemical Requirements for Electrolytic Tin Plating

As with any plating process, the chemical requirements for our advanced tin plating service must be monitored closely to ensure proper coating quality and consistency. The chemical solution for electrolytic tin platings must be continually checked for pH, temperature, and chemical concentration, among other factors. This fluid must be replenished as required to maintain the proper balance of chemicals.

The coating experts at ENS Technology test our military-grade tin plating solution at least once per hour to maintain optimum coating chemistry. We use mechanical agitation to improve coating smoothness and prevent defects that can be caused by hydrogen bubbles on part surfaces.

The Right Solution for Your Tin Plating Mil-Spec Requirements

ENS Technology provides full-service military-grade tin plating for all types of parts and components. We require the following information from our clients prior to starting any electrolytic tin plating project:

  • Required ASTM, ASM, or mil-spec designation
  • Service class or thickness
  • Underplating (if required)
  • Composition and metallurgical condition of substrate
  • Required surface texture: matte, flow brightened, or bright

Hydrogen embrittlement can be provided before or after plating, as needed.

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